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Saturday, August 19, 2006

PB Fans: More About Miss Peanut Butter Lover

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Note: PB should not be confused with Dulce de Leche! Nor should you only think of American style peanut butter … I am here to educate you on all sorts of nut butters as well as cover yes, the stereotypical classic American style peanut butter. I am mainly a veggie, but do eat eggs & milk products, also love seafood & game, in moderation, darker meats with more moderation! If you’re being honest with yourself, you can't say you don't like a high quality cut of steak, duck w/ plum sauce, or freshly prepared high grade sushi! I enjoy life! I smile a lot & am always positive in the worst of situations! I have future plans to do a Masters in Food Sci & Culinary Arts, the big "W” question, WHEN looms, as other life pursuits take over. I am currently enjoying some time off, I'm not a baby boomer, & that is just the thing! You don’t have kids & then let your kids define you. Secondly, why not enjoy extended time younger so you can do some of the more active things many seniors can’t do as easily. Anyway, I recently moved a ton of stuff in storage, and now I'm free as a butterfly, free from things that comfort us, but also bog us down! Been all over the world lately & having lots of mini PB adventures (PB stands for “Peanut Butter,” just in case you haven’t had your morning cup of tea or coffee jolt!). So in reality, it sometimes feels like I'm living a double life! Ahhh well, everything is ultimately affected by your state of mind and I like it that way! Well, I do hope now that you know me better you can come back here to check out my PB adventures & educational discoveries … I do promise not to bore you so. I’ll be sure to pull from a variety of sources - print, online blogs, music videos, humorous home videos, food nutrition & recipes, articles, tips and more! Well I’m off now and I’m sure to run into today’s PB discovery or adventure so for now how bout I give you a big old sloppy peanut butter kiss, "Mawh." ~ Miss Peanut Butter Lover


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