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Saturday, August 19, 2006

PB Food: Hot Dogs & Peanut Butter???

Nicole Weston from blogged about Peanut Butter HotDogs. At first even , Miss Peanut Butter Lover, thought hmmmm maybe this combo is a no go, but of course I would never say any PB combo was bad, now would I! Frankly, peanut butter and hot dogs actually sounds quite tasty - that is if you are open minded about different foods across cultures. We often think of peanut butter as a food that goes sooo well with sweet condiments such as jams, jelly, & honey, but peanut butter is also used in many savory dishes. Okay, in some cases PB is not directly used, but similar types of sauces, such as in Thai cooking, use a ground peanuty sauce. If you like chicken with peanut sauce or a Thai Pad noodles you probably won't mind hot dogs and peanut butter...just takes some finessing. My best suggestion is sausages & peanut butter. So give this one a try before forming an opinion!

See my PB Food Series for an authentic recipe for Thai Peanut Satay & Sauce (key ingredient = peanut butter) - like of course!

Enjoy ~ Miss Peanut Butter Lover


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