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Saturday, August 19, 2006

Peter Pan PB: History & Adverts: Then & Now!

Brief Peter Pan Peanut Butter History

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According to Wikipedia Peter Pan Peanut Butter, a brand of Con Agra Foods, was named after the J.M. Barrie character in and debuted in 1928. Although originally produced by the Swift & Company who at the time first called the peanut butter , "E.K. Pond," the new name quickly became a success!

Advertising Peter Pan is Like ... Magic!

According to Rick Plummer who wrote the article, "
Peter Pan Peanut Butter & the Sky King Show," Peter Pan was separated from the other Derby product departments in 1940, and marketing became a individualistic effort. Derby Foods set the pace for nationwide distribution by being the first peanut butter to use national advertising in the mid 1940's. The "Sky King" sponsored by Peter Pan, and when it moved to television, they continued to sponsor it there." After learning reading this, I asked myself what in the heck is the "Sky King."

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Classic Vintage Poster of the "Sky King" with Costar Gloria Winters (shown above)

Plummer had an answer for that too, he says, "The "Sky King" radio serial began on October 28, 1946 and ran daily. The show was 15 minutes in length. In 1947, it ran on a Tuesday and Thursday, each show lasting 30 minutes.

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Classic Black & White Photo of the "Sky King" with Costar Gloria Winters (shown above)

The "Sly King"
television series started in September of 1951 and ran until October 1952." The "Sky King" is just one of many examples of Peter Pan Peanut Butter advertising examples.

Examples of Peter Pan peanut butter print advertising reflect the time & product....

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Classic 1950s Peter Pan Peanut Butter Promo Advert (shown above)

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Classic Peter Pan Peanut Butter Promo Advert (shown above)

Today, Peter Pan PB comes in 10 different varieties which include - they've come along way baby! Some of these varieties are as follows: Creamy, Whipped, Crunchy, Extra Crunchy, Honey Roasted Creamy, Honey Roasted Crunchy, Smart Choice Creamy, Smart Choice Crunchy, Plus 8 (vitamin enriched)! For more official Peter Pan Peanut Butter information check out the official Con Agra Website.

Looking for more on Peter Pan Peanut Butter history or other peanut butter historical information...look for current & future blogs in my PB History Series to learn more! ~ Miss Peanut Butter Lover


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