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Saturday, August 19, 2006

PB Food: Thai Peanut Satay Recipe & Instructional Video

Okay you asked for it ... so here it is the an authentic recipe that of course calls for peanut butter .... Thai Peanut Satay with Peanut Sauce...

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Recipe: Thai Chicken Satay

2 1/2 lb. boneless chicken breasts


6 cloves garlic chopped
4 tsp. coriander
4 tsp. light brown sugar
1 tbsp. black pepper
2 tsp. salt
1/2 c. shoyu
4 tsp. ginger, chopped
2 tbsp. lime juice
6 tbsp. oil
1/4 c. fresh coriander, chopped (for garnish)

Mix marinade ingredients. Cut chicken into 1 1/2-2 inch cubes. Add to mixture and marinate at least two hours.

Chicken Satay:
Thread chicken pieces onto one end of satay sticks. Broil or much better, barbecue, baste with marinade. Serve with peanut sauce for dipping.

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Recipe: Authentic Thai Peanut Sauce

4 teaspoons corn oil
1/2 cup minced red onion
2 tablespoons minced garlic
1/2 teaspoon hot chili pepper
2 tablespoons sugar
2 tablespoons vinegar
1/3 cup peanut butter
1 cup of water

In a blender, combine corn oil, onion, garlic and hot chili pepper; blend for 1 minute

Empty the mixture into a saucepan and place over low heat until the mixture starts releasing aroma. Add peanut butter and mix well over low heat.

Add water and let it simmer for 10 minutes or until thickened.
Stir in vinegar and sugar; continue to simmer for another 1-2 minutes. Taste and add more vinegar and sugar if the mixture does not have the sour and sweet taste.

Place sauce in a shallow plate for satay dipping or pour over fresh salad.

From: Link to Recipe

By: Pat

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Cooking Tutorial: Thai Chicken Satay Video

Cooking video below shows you step by step how to make a authentic gourmet version of chicken satay with peanut sauce found from new Beta website who specializes in quality instructional videos & gives out the code if you would like to code to this video just press The bleme Shack - "Shack This" button! Cheers!

Video Keyword Tag: spicy, grill, chicken, Malaysian, satay, kebabs, peanut dipping sauce, recipe, food, cuisine, oriental, poultry main dish, Thai

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PB Food: Hot Dogs & Peanut Butter???

Nicole Weston from blogged about Peanut Butter HotDogs. At first even , Miss Peanut Butter Lover, thought hmmmm maybe this combo is a no go, but of course I would never say any PB combo was bad, now would I! Frankly, peanut butter and hot dogs actually sounds quite tasty - that is if you are open minded about different foods across cultures. We often think of peanut butter as a food that goes sooo well with sweet condiments such as jams, jelly, & honey, but peanut butter is also used in many savory dishes. Okay, in some cases PB is not directly used, but similar types of sauces, such as in Thai cooking, use a ground peanuty sauce. If you like chicken with peanut sauce or a Thai Pad noodles you probably won't mind hot dogs and peanut butter...just takes some finessing. My best suggestion is sausages & peanut butter. So give this one a try before forming an opinion!

See my PB Food Series for an authentic recipe for Thai Peanut Satay & Sauce (key ingredient = peanut butter) - like of course!

Enjoy ~ Miss Peanut Butter Lover

Peter Pan PB Advertising: Official Jingles

  • Picky people pick Peter Pan peanut butter, it's the peanut butter picky people pick.
  • Eat some peanut butter any time you can, but only if it's Peter Pan.
  • Clap your hands! If you believe in peanut butter, you gotta believe in Peter Pan!
  • If you believe in peanut butter, you got to believe in Peter Pan!
  • Pick your peanut butter anyway you can, only if it's Peter Pan!
For more Jingles check out these links: TV Jingles TV Jingles TV Jingles by Decade


~ Miss Peanut Butter Lover

Peter Pan PB History: Packaging Through The Years

Peter Pan peanut butter was first packaged in tin cans, sort of like coffee tin cans today, with a turn key to open & reclosable lid.

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Original Turn Key Packaging (shown above)

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Original Coffee Can Style Packaging (shown above)

Shortages during WWII forced the company to introduce new packaging, this is when they started introducing jars similarly shaped to the current Peter Pan plastic tumbler jar with friction caps.

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Original Glass Jar Style Packaging (shown above)

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Original Glass Jar Style Packaging (shown above)

Today's packaging is quite similar in loook, but today's Peter Pan peanut butter is more commonly found in plastic jars with easy screw off tops!

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Today's Plastic Tumbler Style Packaging (shown above)

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Today's Plastic Tumbler Style Packaging (shown above)

The packaging then & now has changed...but the Peter Pan peanut butter has basically remaind the same! Look for future & current blogs in the PB History Series!

~ Miss Peanut Butter Lover

Peter Pan PB Adverts w/ Pets: Homemade TV Jingle

Peter Pan Peanut Butter Magical TV Jingles

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This Peter Pan peanut butter TV commercial is a homemade jingle made by user riverkee who uses three popular concepts a jingle, peanut butter & his pet dog! Why of course, pets love peanut butter too. Look for more of my blog series PB & Pets for more entertaining PB fun! ~ Miss Peanut Butter Lover

Peter Pan PB: History & Adverts: Then & Now!

Brief Peter Pan Peanut Butter History

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According to Wikipedia Peter Pan Peanut Butter, a brand of Con Agra Foods, was named after the J.M. Barrie character in and debuted in 1928. Although originally produced by the Swift & Company who at the time first called the peanut butter , "E.K. Pond," the new name quickly became a success!

Advertising Peter Pan is Like ... Magic!

According to Rick Plummer who wrote the article, "
Peter Pan Peanut Butter & the Sky King Show," Peter Pan was separated from the other Derby product departments in 1940, and marketing became a individualistic effort. Derby Foods set the pace for nationwide distribution by being the first peanut butter to use national advertising in the mid 1940's. The "Sky King" sponsored by Peter Pan, and when it moved to television, they continued to sponsor it there." After learning reading this, I asked myself what in the heck is the "Sky King."

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Classic Vintage Poster of the "Sky King" with Costar Gloria Winters (shown above)

Plummer had an answer for that too, he says, "The "Sky King" radio serial began on October 28, 1946 and ran daily. The show was 15 minutes in length. In 1947, it ran on a Tuesday and Thursday, each show lasting 30 minutes.

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Classic Black & White Photo of the "Sky King" with Costar Gloria Winters (shown above)

The "Sly King"
television series started in September of 1951 and ran until October 1952." The "Sky King" is just one of many examples of Peter Pan Peanut Butter advertising examples.

Examples of Peter Pan peanut butter print advertising reflect the time & product....

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Classic 1950s Peter Pan Peanut Butter Promo Advert (shown above)

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Classic Peter Pan Peanut Butter Promo Advert (shown above)

Today, Peter Pan PB comes in 10 different varieties which include - they've come along way baby! Some of these varieties are as follows: Creamy, Whipped, Crunchy, Extra Crunchy, Honey Roasted Creamy, Honey Roasted Crunchy, Smart Choice Creamy, Smart Choice Crunchy, Plus 8 (vitamin enriched)! For more official Peter Pan Peanut Butter information check out the official Con Agra Website.

Looking for more on Peter Pan Peanut Butter history or other peanut butter historical information...look for current & future blogs in my PB History Series to learn more! ~ Miss Peanut Butter Lover

PB Fans: More About Miss Peanut Butter Lover

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Note: PB should not be confused with Dulce de Leche! Nor should you only think of American style peanut butter … I am here to educate you on all sorts of nut butters as well as cover yes, the stereotypical classic American style peanut butter. I am mainly a veggie, but do eat eggs & milk products, also love seafood & game, in moderation, darker meats with more moderation! If you’re being honest with yourself, you can't say you don't like a high quality cut of steak, duck w/ plum sauce, or freshly prepared high grade sushi! I enjoy life! I smile a lot & am always positive in the worst of situations! I have future plans to do a Masters in Food Sci & Culinary Arts, the big "W” question, WHEN looms, as other life pursuits take over. I am currently enjoying some time off, I'm not a baby boomer, & that is just the thing! You don’t have kids & then let your kids define you. Secondly, why not enjoy extended time younger so you can do some of the more active things many seniors can’t do as easily. Anyway, I recently moved a ton of stuff in storage, and now I'm free as a butterfly, free from things that comfort us, but also bog us down! Been all over the world lately & having lots of mini PB adventures (PB stands for “Peanut Butter,” just in case you haven’t had your morning cup of tea or coffee jolt!). So in reality, it sometimes feels like I'm living a double life! Ahhh well, everything is ultimately affected by your state of mind and I like it that way! Well, I do hope now that you know me better you can come back here to check out my PB adventures & educational discoveries … I do promise not to bore you so. I’ll be sure to pull from a variety of sources - print, online blogs, music videos, humorous home videos, food nutrition & recipes, articles, tips and more! Well I’m off now and I’m sure to run into today’s PB discovery or adventure so for now how bout I give you a big old sloppy peanut butter kiss, "Mawh." ~ Miss Peanut Butter Lover

Friday, August 18, 2006

PB Food: Is Peanut Butter A Healthy Snack?

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Okay, yes the real question comes in from a Yahoo! user: Peanut Butter? Is it a healthy snack for someone trying to lose weight? Nutritionist SoySista64 weighs in with an astounding YES! "Peanut butter does have fat in it, but it is monunsaturated fat which is wonderful for your heart. Saturated fat is what you have to watch out for. Peanut butter is great because you need healthy "unsaturated" fat everyday for satiety and for your heart. Just watch your portions. I recomend no more than 1tbsp a day and you can pair it with a slice of whole wheat bread and a banana. Yum!"

And of course I also agree with much of the
discussion on Yahoo! Answers! Peanut butter is a wonderfully filling protein rich option to spread on something like wheat bread or crackers to give you a balanced boost before a workout or other daily tasks remaining. In fact, if you like celery (and I do), the old "kids" snack consisting of peanut butter spread inside celery stalks "PB Logs" is a fabulously crunchy juicy option as well.
~ Miss Peanut Butter Lover

3 Fat Chicks On A Diet - Ever heard of them?

Okay well, this isn't some crude entry, they are a serious trio that test drove each of the most well established diets out their and wrote about their experiences check out it out here on the Diet Channel.

Day 73:Peanut Butter & Celery

"Today I have reinstituted an old snack from my younger years. I love peanut butter and celery. I used to eat this all the time. Some people put raisins on this snack as well, but i stick with the two main ingredients. I figure the healthy aspect of the celery will counter balance the unhealthy aspects of the peanut butter. After my first snack that included this delicious pair, I decided that it must be healthy and good for me since it tasted so good. It is common knowledge that foods that tastes sinful, rarely is. It is usually the healthiest. Well this may not be completely true, but after a little digging, I found that the Zone Diet does have several recipes that include peanut butter.

The four recipes I found were for a bacon and apple sandwich that uses peanut butter as the condiment, a piece of toast with peanut butter as the topping, a waffle with peanut butter and apricots as the topping, and a Thai dish that uses peanut butter as a sauce. I had never really thought of two of these uses, but they might be worth a try. Once again the Zone Diet has found a way to include everyone’s favorite foods into the diet."

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